What I offer to you

Every wedding is different because every married couple is different!
!That’s why I offer you a personalized service according to your needs.
You will not find ready-made “package deals” here: we will focus on you and your personal ideal wedding.
However, I have created a list of 5 services to help you clarify things. Here they are in detail.

All inclusive wedding

Comprehensive advice that focuses on each and every organizational aspect designed to help you forget the stress and enjoy your wedding.

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Wedding design

A detailed design of the wedding suite, the arrangements and the decorations that will give your wedding its own personal touch.

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Wedding Destination

Comprehensive advice for an intimate and refined wedding on Lake Iseo, in Franciacorta or in High Vallecamonica.

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Letters for you

A service of personalized writing: a written memory for your loved ones.

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Wedding tips

A 30-minute video call in which I will answer a specific question that refers to a particular organizational aspect.

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Extra Services

A series of services to pamper and impress your guests
and leave an unforgettable memory of your wedding.

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While I was studying journalism, my teachers always said that synthesis was fundamental, so let me tell you a little about myself:

  • Is this your full-time job?

    Yes, of course.

  • How long have you been doing this job?

    Since November 2014.

  • What did you study?

    I have a degree in interpreting and communication as well as a master’s degree in journalism. After university, I attended several professional training courses organized by the “Associazione Wedding Planner” and successful colleagues.

  • Do you work alone?

    No, I work with some collaborators who help me on the wedding day.

  • Do you focus on a single event?

    Yes. At present, my agency cannot manage two events on the same day.

  • How much does your professional advice cost?

    My services do not have a fixed price; I do not work with ready-made packages. Every situation is different and I can consider them only after talking with the spouses and listening to their needs.

  • Do you send out legal invoices (receipts)?

    Yes, of course.

  • Do prices include VAT?

    No. However, the estimate always mentions this aspect.

  • What about the first appointment?

    I usually invite the couple to my office but I am willing to move according to their needs. First, I talk about my job and I point out the difference between wedding planning and wedding design. I listen to their story and they fill out some questionnaires and a “pyramid of priorities” so that I can gather as much information as possible about their ideal wedding.
    When clients live abroad or far from my office, our first appointment can be held by video call.

  • Is the estimate free?

    Yes, because it is neither binding nor a final agreement. I usually hand it personally to the couple so that we can read it together and discuss every single detail. The initial estimate is approximate because the real project is more definite when the collaboration is formalized. Afterwards, I can provide specific information about the budget.

  • Do I have to sign a contract?

    Yes. I have to protect myself as well as the clients. You will be given the contract and the letter of intent after the acceptance of the estimate.

  • Do you manage payments with suppliers?

    No. I am not an intermediary. All contracts with suppliers are on behalf of the spouses, as well as the management of payments and the relevant invoices. On request of the spouses, I can participate in the negotiation with the supplier and I can manage a payment timetable for them.

  • Do you work with suppliers that the spouses appoint directly?

    Yes. I always am happy to work with new suppliers that are often excellent collaborators. I immediately contact them and meet with them during the organization of the wedding. I hold a video call if they live far away.

  • How do you choose your suppliers?

    I always recommend professional, trustworthy and competent suppliers. I have already “tested” them in the workplace. I am in touch with suppliers that offer different prices in order to propose the right person according to the budget of the spouses.I ask each supplier an estimate and I discuss it with the spouses. I often request various estimates from different suppliers to offer more possibilities to the clients.
    I must point out that I work for the customer, not for the supplier. Therefore, I always safeguard my client’s interests. I do not have exclusive contacts with specific suppliers or locations.