Claudine Weddings


A full-service consultancy that will take care of the entire organization and design of your destination wedding in Italy.
I will manage all the steps, maintaining an overview of the event and well able to react to the unexpected.
I will recommend selected vendors to you and I will help you communicate with them in order to obtain what you are expecting, always respecting your budget.
Thanks to my expertise, I will deal with all the logistics, coordinating your big day from “behind the scenes”.
Listening to your wishes, I will find the design signature of your wedding, and I will create a unique and harmonious atmosphere that reflects you and your love story.


I will listen to your requests and I will help you draw up a list of priorities, better defining your budget and how it will be used.


I will guide you through the choice of the perfect venue and the most suitable suppliers. We will meet them together, in order to share with them your needs.


I will prepare a mood board and a detailed style design so that you will be able to see the big picture regarding your event. Together we will modify the plan and present it to the other suppliers, in order for them to further develop their parts according to their specific expertise. Together, we will choose and define the details of the set-up.


I will keep a record of all the payments and documentation relating to your dealings with the other suppliers. I will remind you of deadlines and I will keep a record of your expense, in order that your budget will always be under control.


During your big day, I will be always by your side in order to assure that everything is going as planned and to coordinate the activities of the other suppliers.

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