Claudine Weddings

Laura & Benoit

Data nozze: 27/08/2022

The 27th August 2022 wouldn't been so perfect without Claudia and her team. Since our first meeting, she understood our tastes and she accompanied us month after month to the fulfillment of our dreams. We are meticulous persons, but we knew we could rely upon her and thanks to her expertise, everything was perfect. With Giulia's help, the wedding venue was truly amazing. Everything was perfect in every detail and their availability and flexibility were essential for us! You are an amazing team, thank you so much!

Gaia & Andrea

Data nozze: 16/07/2022

Our day was a beautiful day. Claudia and her team helped us making our dreams, sometimes too confused, come true. For us, the most important thing was building something that looked like us and they didn't let us down! The event was perfectly managed. The suppliers they proposed were very talented and the flower arrangement was amazing. They are a beautiful team!

Milena & Roberto

Data nozze: 16/07/2022

"Claudia never stops! She thought about everything. Always ready to solve problems and to answer our doubts and questions. She listened to us, understanding our needs and giving her best advice, without being intrusive. She introduced us to skilled suppliers, always taking into account our interests. She knows how to design a perfect day and she has been a precious help!"

Gloria e Alessandro

Data nozze: 05/07/2021

Deciding to recruit a wedding planner was the first decision we made after choosing a venue. We discovered Claudia on Instagram, and we were struck by the sense of calmness and serenity that she exudes through her stories and posts. Of course, we were able to fully appreciate all her skills and qualities working together on our intimate wedding project: she was invaluable. It was very important for both of us to be sure that we had someone at our side who truly knew us. We really wanted someone who could coordinate everything and who could deal with the other vendors as well as with unexpected events, especially nowadays with everything we are facing due to the pandemic. Practical, comforting, precise, organized, creative and professional, Claudia was ALWAYS there for us: ready to give us advice, to evaluate different possibilities and offers, and to solve problems even on the day of our wedding, when she saved the groom’s suit with her sewing kit! We truly recommend Claudia, and we can say with a high degree of certainty that having a professional like Claudia at your side is the best gift a couple can give to each other: she will hold your hand right through to your special day.

Francesca e Marco

Data nozze: 03/07/2021

Claudia helps you make your dreams come true. Our dream was a wedding in a vineyard, and she fulfilled it. Even the rain didn’t stop her. All was perfect, with great attention to every detail, just as we had always imagined. She was also able to incorporate our great passion for the mountains into our wedding theme. Thank you, Claudia, with all our hearts!

Alessandra e Michele

Data nozze: 01/02/2020

We got to know Claudia through some friends: they recommended her, and she lived up to our expectations. With her refined taste, she was able to carefully plan our wedding, taking care of every detail, and recommending a team of reliable and expert suppliers who are used to working with her and are thus perfectly coordinated. Our wedding day, as well as the months before it, passed as calmly as possible because she was there for us, planning and managing everything.

Chiara e Gabriele

Data nozze: 05/10/2019

Despite living in Milan, we wanted to come back to my town and my lake to get married. We realized from the beginning that we couldn’t organize everything on our own, and there came Claudia! After a quick search on the internet, struck by the elegance and refinement of her projects, we contacted her. Thanks to her, we successfully got through the preparation for our wedding as smoothly as possible. For one year, she accompanied us, step by step, with her advice, reassurance and fine taste. First, she helped us choose suitable suppliers for our autumn wedding, which was cozy, intimate and “hygge”, as she defined it. It was a fantastic day, and everything was as we always dreamt. Minding our budget, we were able to achieve everything we wanted. Our guests complimented us on how coordinated everything was. Claudia was also at our side on our wedding day, attentive but at the same time sweet and discrete - so much so that some guests thought she was a friend. A special mention to the church’s set-up: we basically let her do whatever she wanted in order to surprise us, and she was able to do it! My bouquet was fabulous! I think that the result even won over some of my friends who were skeptical about the need for a wedding planner, and I, for one, am convinced that without her magic touch, our wedding would not have been the same. So thank you truly, Claudia!

Giulia & Michele

Data nozze: 24/08/2019

Sì perché quando ci siamo visti per la prima volta eravamo nel suo salottino a prendere il tè, mio marito, il cappellaio matto, con le sue idee assurde, io, il bianconiglio, con tutte le preoccupazioni per il matrimonio e Claudia era Alice, con tutte le sue idee sempre eleganti e raffinate. Noi siamo stati una coppia difficile perché siamo molto particolari, a partire dal tema del matrimonio: Harry Potter! Sono partita con un’idea che è cambiata subito quando ci ha detto “il matrimonio deve rappresentarvi”. Da li è partito tutto! Nonostante aspettasse il suo terzo figlio, ha saputo seguirci, consigliarci, supportarci e soprattutto sopportarci! Nonostante non fosse un matrimonio troppo tradizionale, con la sua grazia ha reso il nostro matrimonio diverso, originale e soprattutto per niente carnevalesco, nonostante il tema! Mi ha seguito in tutto e per tutto, tranne nella scelta dell’abito, perché quel giorno metteva al mondo il suo bimbo e io ero super contenta per lei! Gestire matrimoni e due matti come noi con una famiglia così numerosa e i mille impegni non è stato facile, ma lei ha saputo far fronte anche a questo! Ha curato tutto nei minimi dettagli e per questo devo dirle grazie! Grazie perché tuttora i nostri invitati ci dicono che è stata una giornata spettacolare! Giulia e Michele

Willemijn & Luuk

Data nozze: 02/08/2019

Through a Dutch Weddingplanner we got in contact with Claudia, because we wanted to get married in Italy. Claudia helped us find the perfect location and suppliers (e.g. florist, hairdresser and dj). With her knowledge and patience, she helped us plan a 3 day wedding weekend. Claudia was always available for a quick whatsapp, email or video-call and the few times we visited the location/suppliers she was there to guide us. It was very pleasant working with her. It was a pleasure to get to know Claudia, and we would fully recommand her to others.

Isabel & Francesco

Data nozze: 06/07/2019

Claudia is an attentive and very discrete professional. She was able to listen to our needs, to give us her best advice and to support us during all our preparations. On our wedding day, she was impeccable: we succeeded in enjoying every single moment and emotion because we knew that she was there, and everything was under her control. We recommend her without any doubt!

Lidia & Francesco

Data nozze: 29/06/2019

Her reliability and rigor allowed us to enjoy the preparations and wedding day in peace. Claudia was able to face every unexpected event with serenity and to find efficient solutions. She also helped us a lot with designing our event, giving great creative ideas, but safeguarding our personal taste: this fact helped us to maintain the perfect balance between different elements of our event. In the end, the result reflected all our plans, and we wouldn’t change a thing !

Simona & Maurizio

Data nozze: 08/09/2018

We entrusted Claudia with the organization of our wedding, and we are very happy that we did! She was so good at taking care of every detail at a venue that is so welcoming in and of itself, but becomes even more inviting thanks to her creativity… We received a lot of compliments! She is a very sensitive person, patient and always available to listen and give advice; furthermore, she is very passionate about what she does, and a wonderful final product is guaranteed!

Annamaria & Winston

Data nozze: 12/08/2018

Claudia did not have an easy task with us: planning a wedding with guests from Italy, Australia and China, and coordinating with us from the other side of the world. What seemed a very challenging task turned out to be a pleasant experience thanks to her who, with kindness and sweetness, guided us without ever losing sight of our wishes and ideas. The final product was unique, leaving our international guests speechless, and the Italian ones pleasantly surprised. We were happy and relieved knowing that we had nothing to worry about and that we were in good hands, so the big day was truly a dream! Now, three months after the wedding, we keep receiving compliments like, “That Claudia is really good!” Yes, thank you very much, Claudia, because you were absolutely amazing!

Caterina & Fabrizio

Data nozze: 24/03/2018

I already knew Claudia as a refined and elegant person, characteristics that she brought to our wedding, too. A location set up with a lot of unknown variables, which Claudia was able to make the most out of! She exuded a sense of calm and peace, making our dream come true!

Sara & Christian

Data nozze: 09/09/2017

We are truly satisfied with having chosen Claudia to plan our wedding: she assisted us with care and many ideas. She even took care of us 100% on our big day. Claudia has a refined taste, and she is very organized. She was able to find the most suitable suppliers and to organize a last-minute change of plans. A truly skilled professional, we recommend her without a doubt.

Emma & James

Data nozze: 30/05/2016

Claudia and her team were fantastic since our first meeting. She perfectly understood our point of view, giving us her best advice about the style of our wedding. She also helped us with the organizational aspects of our wedding in Italy, which was very difficult from England. I recommend her without hesitation – everything was perfect and beyond what we imagined. Thank you very much!