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Romantic soul,

Details lover.

Wedding Planner and Wedding Designer. Since 2014, my mission has been to help you celebrate your love in a unique manner, working with you to create an event rich in details that tell your story, and planning an unforgettable day for you and your guests. We will create moments full of emotion and beauty. I will listen to your desires and worries, building a relationship of trust based on transparency and collaboration. I will be the spokesperson for your desires with other suppliers and I will find the best solutions to make the best use of your budget.

Thanks to my knowledge of the Lake Iseo, Franciacorta and Vallecamonica areas, I will help you in finding the perfect venue and introduce you to a reliable network of qualified suppliers.

My undergraduate Degree is in Languages and Communication: I will place all my organizational skills and my creativity at your complete disposal, to create a wedding that will reflect your personality. I will take care of everything so that you have the tranquillity that you need to prepare for your big day.

I am also the mother of three lively boys, Alessandro, Pietro and Luca. They taught me what patience is! Also how to face physical struggles and to manage stressful days, even after just a few hours of sleep… Thanks to them, I learnt to multitask, to listen with one ear and to stay calm. I have also learnt to recognise the real priorities and to rearrange the situation if something unexpected comes along.


  • I believe in Family. In unconditional and heartwarming love. In my grandmother’s soup that heals everything. In long cuddles in bed on Sunday mornings. In quarrels ending with a kiss on the forehead.
  • I believe in Friendship. Started at school or by chance in a New York neighborhood. The one that endures time, distance and the troubles of life. The one which means messages in the middle of the night, secrets whispered over the phone and tears of joy in front of a cup of tea.
  • I believe in Possibility. The possibility to change, make mistakes, start again.
  • I believe in Women. Young and old. Mothers, wives, sisters, daughters. Tireless, indispensable and brave. Their hands stretched out trying to catch dreams and their feet planted firmly on the ground to carry the weight of responsibilities.
  • I believe in “Happy ever after”. In stories with a happy ending. In true love, able to overcome both any troubles that emerge and the occasional monotony of daily life.
  • I believe in gut decisions. Because if you don’t listen to your gut, sooner or later you will lose momentum. Something inside you breaks and it’s like you have the handbrake on. What you need is courage and a bit of madness, but it is worth the risk. Always.
  • I believe in Authenticity. The strength to appear without filters, not to deny yourself and not to compromise just in order to appease others.
  • I believe in Freedom. In all its shapes. Freedom of love and expression, freedom to make mistakes, to leave and then come back.
  • I believe in Hugs. An explosion of care and energy. The ones that provide comfort and welcome, the ones that keep you warm and the ones that lift you off your feet.
  • I believe in Mother Nature. So immense and beautiful. Who every day gives us beautiful and unexpected sights: we, so blind, often don’t see them; she, so generous, keeps gifting them to us.
  • I believe in angels. Sometimes you feel them: a fresh breeze, a shining star, an unexpected perfume. A tender caress comforting you when you feel lost.


I deeply believe in team power and I’m grateful everyday for my two junior planners who support me in the planning process and during the wedding day.
We are highly creative, efficiente and passionate and we will put all our knowlege of and experience in your wedding.


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