What I can do for you

Talk to me

Let’s take a seat in my office and get to know each other, while you relax and have some chocolate biscuits. I will take notes (an old habit from my days as a journalist) and ask you some questions. Many, many questions, to tell the truth! I don’t mean to pry; I just need to know who you are so that I can tailor your event to represent you in the best possible way.
I love stories, especially a good love story! It’s wonderful for me to look into a couple’s eyes, because their eyes always light up when talk about each other!

The project

I start to plan your special day after listening to your needs. First of all, if you have not decided yet, I will show you some locations and start to imagine how I should change the environment to create your ideal atmosphere. Then, I gather ideas and inspiration and prepare a presentation or a mood board that will show you your wedding.

I am here for you

I recommend (but never impose on my clients) professional suppliers with proven experience. You can meet them and use me as your point of reference. I will be discreet and I never allow my personal taste to interfere. I know when I have to take a step back or when you are confident enough to choose on your own.

Don’t worry

I know how high your expectations are and how stressful and tiring the period before the wedding can be. That’s why you can count on me if you are feeling overwhelmed or if you want to talk with someone who really understands you. I will help you keep calm and enjoy the “journey” towards your special day because I have been through this many times before.

My promise to you

I take my role very seriously and I always do my best to make sure that the suppliers involved in the organization follow suit. Sometimes, I have to breathe down their necks but I do not give up until I am sure they are doing their best. That is a promise.

My story

While I was studying journalism, my teachers always said that synthesis was fundamental, so let me tell you a little about myself:

  • I have two children: Ale and Pietro. They are beautiful and full of life. They have taught me what patience is, how to deal with physical exhaustion and be responsive even when you do not get enough sleep. Thanks to them, I have learnt to multitask, listen carefully and keep calm (or at least pretend to).
  • Sophie, a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, is my “furry daughter”. She has taught me to follow my instincts, be watchful and smart. We’ve domesticated each other and that was no easy task. If you come to my office, you will see her often.
  • As a journalist, I am currently “in standby mode”. I have always loved reading and writing. When I was a girl, I used to lock myself in a closet with a book and a flashlight. Now, I use my Kindle even when I brush my teeth. Give me some paper and I will make it speak.
  • I have always adored using foreign languages to communicate with other people and experience a new culture. When I was at university, I lived in Salzburg for two years and it was one of the happiest moments of my life. Today I am still good at English and German and I get by with French and Spanish as well.
  • My gipsy soul, which has wandered with me throughout the world, always clashes that “homebody” part of me, which makes me love my family, my roots and the places where I grew up.
  • I have a wild and seemingly endless imagination: I can visualize the result of a project in clear detail. I am also a “serial planner”. Back in school, my notes were very popular with my classmates because they were well organized and schematic. If you work with me, you will often see a stack of Excel sheets in my hands.