• Wedding on the lake
    Romantic, quiet, unusual.
    Lake Iseo can offer you beautiful views,
    intimate locations and fine wines.
  • Wedding in mountains
    Getting married in the mountains is not for everyone.
    But who dares to do it will have an unforgettable wedding.

Wedding on the lake

If I had to choose one word to describe what Lake Iseo can offer to a married couple, I would definitely say romanticism. Our lake is smaller and calmer than the other Lombard lakes and it still has its wild charm. Moreover, its strategic position allows you to reach it easily from the three nearest big cities: Brescia, Bergamo and Milan..
Lake Iseo is also near one of Italy’s most famous wine-growing areas: Franciacorta, which has many breath-taking locations for weddings. Wine-cellars, historic houses, holiday farms, castles... The choices are endless.
If you dream of a wedding on the lake, but fear that the distance from your home may complicate things,I have the perfect service for you..

Wedding in mountains

What really makes me feel “at home”? Mountains. When I am on a journey and I do not see them when I look out of the window, I feel slightly disoriented, without points of reference.
Vallecamonica, my valley, truly has a huge potential.
Unfortunately, it is often underestimated or unexpressed. Along with some colleagues, I created a network with the aim of stimulating “wedding tourism” and revealing such potential to people who live elsewhere.
That’s why we founded Wedding Berries, a group of professionals that offer a complete service to the couples who decide to get married in High Vallecamonica.
Our group is young, dynamic and creative. We live in the mountains and we want to make sure that a high altitude wedding is easy and possible.
We believe in our territory and we want couples who live elsewhere and dream of a wedding in the mountainsto visit it.