Claudine Weddings

Wedding on the lake

Beauty, nature, relax, suggestive views and excellent wines. Lake Iseo can offer you all this. If you want a romantic and unforgettable wedding, our lake will be the perfect setting to crown your dream. Smaller and much less crowded than other lakes in Lombardy, Lake Iseo still retains its charm a bit 'wild. Best known for Monte Isola, Europe's largest lake island, and for being the star of artist Christo's The Floating Piers installation in 2016, Lake Iseo is finally emerging and becoming one of the most romantic destinations in Lombardy. On its shores you can find different types of locations that can satisfy different tastes and needs: from the farm where you can taste a banquet at kilometer zero, to the medieval castle to take a dip in the past, until the charm hotel, for an elegant and refined reception.Getting married on Lake Iseo will make your guests live an unforgettable experience that they can enjoy even more by extending their stay a few days. Even its location is strategic: it is in fact easily accessible from the three nearest big cities: Brescia, Bergamo and Milan and is only half an hour from the airport of Bergamo Orio al Serio.

Wedding in Franciacorta

In the heart of Lombardy, few kilometers from Lake Iseo, there is one of the most famous wine areas of Italy: Franciacorta. With its hills covered by vineyards that extend as far as the eye can see, this area certainly offers a wonderful context in which to celebrate your wedding. Some of the many wineries characterizing the area are in fact also locations for events, where you can have an unforgettable reception, with attention to every detail, with a special care for food and, of course, for wines!

Wedding in mountains

From the northern shore of Lake Iseo starts one of the largest valleys in Lombardy: the Vallecamonica. Here I am truly at home! Just looking at the mountains outside the window I feel that knot in my stomach that makes me feel I really belong to these places. Places that have a lot to offer and hide a great potential, unfortunately often underestimated and expressed. It is precisely for this reason that with my work as a wedding planner I would like to make known the beauty of these mountains, proposing them as a location to all those couples who dream of an intimate wedding, outside the box, surrounded by nature. A wedding in the mountains is not for everyone: it takes passion, adaptability and the right spirit. But those who will have the courage to get involved will have a unique wedding.